Wednesday, January 20, 2021

10 Wedding Band Music Styles to Choose From


You’ll make many big decisions for your wedding. You’ll have to choose a venue, theme, dress, etc. Along with those big decisions, is another equally important one– deciding on your wedding band hire or which wedding singers you choose to play at your celebration.

If you’re looking to hire a band for a wedding, there are many things to keep in mind. One of those is that the band that plays says a lot about you and your spouse. Society sees it as a reflection of your personality and your tastes.

You should also pick a band that can get your guests dancing at your wedding. So if you’re looking to hire a band or a singer for a wedding, you should book through a reputable agency like Music8.

Now, there are many kinds of live bands that you could hire. In deciding, it’s usually best to deliberate the theme and style of your wedding. Sometimes, couples with a large enough budget will combine a couple to provide variety for the entire day. Here are ten wedding band styles that you should consider for your wedding day.

             Vintage and Jazz Bands

Vintage and Jazz bands are perfect for a wedding that is sophisticated but laid back at the same time. They can play easy listening music during your cocktail hour to entertain your guests. Then when it’s time for dancing after your wedding dinner, they can up the tempo of the music played.

A low-key vintage and jazz band will bring an effortlessly cool feel to your wedding atmosphere. As you hear them perform out the classics, you’ll be motivated to take a lovely trip down memory lane. They are also great for your vintage wedding, where they can enhance your celebration with a vintage soundtrack. 

             Folk/Folk Rock Bands

If you’re looking to hire a band for a wedding, a folk-rock band could hold all the answers. Especially if your venue has a rustic feel. It’ll keep everything on the theme. Bands like these are festival favourites and if you’re having a festival styled wedding, you should consider them too.

Your guests will love the songs these bands perform, and even your grandma will tap in time to the beat. If they adopt the Mumford & Sons style, they’ll be a perfect backdrop to your amazing wedding too. 

             Roaming Bands

Roaming bands are the best kind of band to get a wedding lively and fun. They are very interactive and move amongst guests from table to table. That’s where the “Roaming” came from. They are also known as strolling and wandering bands and you’ll love the experience. Rather than set up in one section of your wedding and perform from there all day, they’ll be right with your guests getting them to take part singing to the songs for a great day and evening’s entertainment.

             Soul, Funk, and Motown Bands

Soul, Funk, and Motown bands are an impressive addition to any kind of wedding. They’ll take you on a journey through time to when pop music had amazing harmonies and great vocals. You’ll love the unforgettable classics that are played and how they’ll be able to get your guests on their feet and on the dancefloor.

They can switch from high romance to high energy with astounding versatility. Most of them are very talented vocalists. So, get ready to be carried away by a full brass section, soulful vocals, and funky bass lines. You won’t be able to tame your dancing feet.

             Indie Bands

Indie bands are in a special class of their own for couples searching to hire a band for a wedding. They’ll bring a no-nonsense vibe while staying effortlessly cool as you and your guest are enthralled and dance along.

If you’re a bit of a pop-punk head, and a lover of the unique, this is just the band for you. Get ready to sing along to great anthems from the greats like Arctic Monkeys, Green Day, and Oasis. 

             String Quartets

Known in broader terms as an instrumental ensemble, String Quartets are an elegant choice for the wedding. If you’re having a breakfast or brunch ceremony, they’ll be just the perfect fit. They can play before and after the ceremony, then during your cocktail hour.

A String Quartet can also regale your guests during your wedding breakfast. There’s a reason String Quartets are the most popular amongst other instrument ensembles. Your wedding would do just beautifully with them.

             Acoustic Bands

Acoustic bands are the sounds of a summer wedding. Couples having their wedding in the summer and looking to hire a band for a wedding should look no further. An acoustic band is your answer. They are great for outdoor weddings in all weather and will bring the great charm to your event. They’ll also play amazing pleasant tunes as they rock a Mumford and Sons style with rustic charm.

With an acoustic band at your venue, you’ll see your guests beaming as your reception goes on and know that you’ve made the right choice. Some of them can give a roaming performance too. They’ll be able to interact with you and your guests leading to a more fun wedding entertainment experience.

             Solo Artists

Picture you and your spouse slow dancing to amazing vocals sung specifically to you and for you at your first dance. That is the beauty a wedding singer brings to your wedding. They are the most versatile of wedding entertainment and are great for a couple looking to personalise their wedding.

             Singing Waiters

Feel surprised and then excited as a waiter who has blended into the crowd performs out a surprising tune for your wedding entertainment. That’s what singing waiters do at your wedding, and they are a delight. They quickly become a favourite for couples and their guests as they sing familiar tunes and can get everyone to sing along happily. Even your grandma!

             Mariachi Bands

Who wouldn’t love to have the street musicians of Mexico entertain guests at their wedding? This strolling band featuring a violin, trumpet, guitar, and an accordion player is often dressed to match in traditional suits and sombrero hats. A Mariachi band is perfect for a travel-themed wedding or multicultural wedding. You can even hire them to play covers of modern songs. Your guests would have a lot of fun and laughter with this one.

 These are just a few options you could consider for your wedding entertainment.

Friday, January 15, 2021

Need a Wedding Musician? These Instrumentalists Will Add Class to your Wedding


What’s Christmas time without carols? Or Summer without your favourite pop tunes? Who wants to go to Church, but not sing any hymns? Music really does matter. Not many can imagine walking down the aisle without the famous Wedding March playing it has been a firm favourite since 1842.

But music isn’t confined to walking down the aisle. Nor must it all be so traditional. From the moment you reach the wedding reception, your wedding musicians can set the tone of the night to come. They can beckon everyone from your aunties to your distant cousins to head on down to the dancefloor. They’ll get them serenading one another, or shaking their hips and shimmying to the early hours. It all depends on your choice.

Here are some of the options available?


There’s nothing quite like the soulful saxophone—the broad and bellowing notes followed by subtle flickers from the brass. When you hear the sax, it’s unmistakable and it is never dated. The sax is a timeless instrument. It is adaptable to both modern genres through to old classics like swing or jazz. So, whatever your taste, saxophonists’ versatility can give your evening a personal touch.


You enter the venue or the church. Flowers decorate the room in serene colours. The lighting is subtle, and the tables are set. But guiding you in is a grand and elegant harp. Think of the harp and you likely picture floaty music like a dream. But the harp has more strings to its bow than that. From fabulous classics to jazz and even pop, all your favourite songs can be played on the harp, as you’ve never heard them before.


When you walk down the aisle, don’t settle for an organist playing dusty old pipes, when you can have an unforgettable violinist playing your chosen tune. As the bow hits the strings, the hairs on your guests’ neck will stand on end. The room will bustle as you walk towards your beloved to one of the most beautiful sounding instruments in existence. Later on, the violin can become a fiddle capable of playing jigs and folk tunes, pop, and more. This would be a great way to end the day?


Probably the most popular of wedding musicians is the piano which is the king of instruments—the grandfather of all genres. The potential of a pianist is staggering. With a piano, you’re going to need to meet your pianist and plan your song choices. Most pianists are as versatile as their instruments. They’ll tailor their tunes to your requests. If you want to play a classic for everyone to sing along to, you can do that. Or else, choose a beautiful piece for everyone to gather around. Music brings us together. Hearing the fingers dance upon the keys, your guests will know they’re in for a treat.

Solo Acoustic Guitarist

The wedding acoustic guitarist is another very popular choice for a wedding musician, from classical to your favourite pop songs; you can hire different styles of guitarist for your reception.


Bagpipes are a woodwind instrument and are an incredibly stirring and evocative instrument and will help make your wedding day all the more memorable.

String Quartets

A string quartet is a musical ensemble consisting of string players – 2 x violin players, a viola player, and a cellist. This is an excellent option for your wedding day; your loved ones will be captivated while they wait on the procedures to start. A string quartet not just carries out classical pieces however they will play more modern-day pop tunes also.

These are just a handful of musicians you could hire for your wedding!

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Hire a Jazz Band for your Wedding Celebration


If you hire a jazz band it will boost the ambiance, assist with discussions, and make your wedding day celebration unforgettable. If there is one category of music that does this extremely well, it is jazz.

Having actually jazz music played by a live band at your occasion, now that's something even much better. The method they’d have the ability to bring the crowd together with them while setting the best tone for every single element of your event would be mesmerising. It would definitely interest your visitors.

If it's a great concept to hire a Jazz band for their wedding event, couples here in the UK often question. We're here to inform you it's a choice you will not be sorry for, and we're not simply stating this due to the fact that we enjoy jazz.

If you hire a jazz band for your wedding day and see how much you'll like them, examine out the following benefits you'll get.

What is Jazz?

Jazz is one of the most flexible musical categories. You can wager that Jazz can crank up the spirits at your wedding day celebration.

Something that is popular with Jazz is that it can be improvised. That indicates that even when you hire a jazz band to sing a specific tune and your buddy does the very same, they will both sound various. That brings a component of individuality to your wedding day as you can understand that your music will be among a kind.

Here are some more fantastic reasons you ought to hire a jazz band for your wedding celebration.

Music is extremely soothing

Did you understand that there are research studies revealing that listening to slow-paced music is wonderful for relaxation? Now see yourself listening to soothing jazz music after your event at the start of your reception.

Jazz Music is ideal for Interaction

Get this; Jazz music can assist with that too. According to a research study brought out at John Hopkins University, up-tempo Jazz tunes promote the part of the brain accountable for language and interaction.

With lots of styles of jazz bands for hire you can have your favoured jazz play in the background throughout your reception supper, it'll be terrific. You'll be guaranteeing that you all will have great deals of discussions, enjoyment, and laughter.

Jazz Music Will Make Your Wedding event Memorable

Jazz music will make sure that you have a memorable wedding event. Along with that, Jazz music has actually been shown to have a revitalizing impact on memories. If you hire a jazz band for your wedding event, your family and close friends are sure to keep in mind the fun they had with you long after your event.

What do you say? Are you prepared to offer your wedding day visitors the possibility of listening to music that is fantastic for their physical and psychological health? With Jazz music, not just will you have a terrific event; you'll be enhancing yourself and your guests too.

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Why you must schedule a band for your personal or corporate event


Let's face it all of us enjoy music from the likes of a great soul and funk band blasting out rip-roaring disco belters to smooth-sailing soul ballads, or an Indie band performing Oasis and The Killers tunes, or a jazz band performing vintage jazz standards, there's a little something in these genres for everybody.

If you hire a band for an occasion, they will bring all type of positive energy and show-stopping style to your business event, your Christmas celebration, or any other unique celebration you want. Fortunately  Music8 has actually got a few of the very best in business at our disposal, prepared to appeal, charm, and seduce your invitees with spectacular entertainment and high-quality musicianship.

Need more persuading? Continue reading to discover why you ought to hire a band for a party or occasion.

Thrill your guests with a live band.

A terrific live band has all the best components to light the fuse on your celebration, bringing the spark that'll keep your participants discussing your social event well after the lights come up. The rhythms, the tunes, the clothing-- soul, funk, rock, indie, and pop are the best sort of function music to match every background and every age.

A Soul and Funk Band.

The diversity and pizazz of soul, funk, and Motown as music genres make them ideal choices for what they bring to any event from a musical perspective. With insatiable backing beats punctuated by brass and woodwind, and unforgettable melodies bouncing from tune to tune, these timeless classics are highly popular among event organisers for good reason.

Contribute to the function's aesthetic

When you hire a band for your occasion or a wedding event, you do not simply get the excellent music - you likewise get a boost to your events aesthetic. A live band constantly looks the part, bringing all the glam, the glitz and the shine of the category they are carrying out on to the stage in style.

Engage your customers or invitees.

A live band is assembled of knowledgeable and expert performers who will engage your invitees or customers from start to finish. They'll get your guests off their feet and on the dance floor, keeping them singing and having fun up until the last encore.

Develop great memories.

A DJ running a laptop computer and speaker system will never ever bring the memorable phenomenon or the magic touches that a natural live band can. The unscripted memories of radiance, the opportunity of inspired improvisation, there truly is no replacement for a live music act that can follow the energy and nail the state of mind of the audience.

Include something special to the celebration.

Numerous individuals have not had the enjoyment of being captivated by a live, expert band before. Your celebration may even trigger a brand-new love for a brand-new kind of music, all brought on by your function choices.

Real Entertainment.

The band will deal with you to comprehend precisely how you desire your day or night to go. They'll offer all their own equipment, and they'll take your specs and requirements into factor to consider with whatever they do. It's your program and they're trained to make it as unique and as remarkable as possible, according to how you desire it.

A celebration band depends on its capability to charm and shine expertly. They'll explore the enormous list of foot-tapping, hand-clapping tunes, and numbers from the best ages of their genre.

For your next function or wedding event why not hire a party band and produce a wonderful day.

Monday, January 11, 2021

A Short Guide to Why Your Wedding Needs A Band Or A Wedding Singer


Weddings are undeniably a great social celebration. As the day rolls into the evening the celebration starts to kick into gear, and the friends and families embrace the happy couple, however, the atmosphere, the mood of the whole night is absolutely nothing without live music. Music is to a wedding reception; what icing is to cake.

While lots of people select a DJ to play their favourite tunes, it can never ever compete with the power of live bands or wedding singers. And here's why!

It will develop a terrific atmosphere

A band or singer performing live will produce an atmosphere, unlike any other. That's why you really need to hire a band or a singer for your wedding. A live performer will create an electric atmosphere and anticipation while guests await the band or singer to begin. They will also have everyone on the dance floor joining in singing and dancing along to the music. A live band will respond to the crowd and the mood in the room. You won’t hear anyone rave about a recording of their favourite song but they will always remember the band singing their favourite song.

A wedding singer or band will provide an individual touch.

With a live wedding band, you're experiencing a one-off a special experience, unlike any other night-- isn't that why we like live music.

In addition, when you hire a band or singer you do not have to limit yourself to simply rock or pop. You can provide the night a genuinely individual touch, with a range of bands like a Ceilidh band, Mexican Mariachi bands, Soul and Funk, or even a tribute band; you can even hire a classical string quartet for example. You will also be able to discuss beforehand what type of mood you would like to create.

Your first dance song

A wedding singer or band will always learn your song for you for your first dance making it something very special. The couple takes the dance floor and leads the crowd in the first song, their song. As the music dies, their friends and family join them, and the party begins. But for that moment: it's them and the music. With a band, the romance runs high. The music feels real. It's not just a first dance; it's a serenade.

A night to remember

The band will banter with your guests and when you hire a wedding singer or a live band, you get something completely different, something unique for your special day.

Simply put; you can produce a night to remember your night!

When you hire a band or vocalist keep in mind to book through a reliable agency like Music8 and also to book early.

Thursday, January 7, 2021

Why have Roaming bands for an event?


Roaming bands or sometimes called wandering bands and strolling bands perform acoustically without any amplification allowing them to mix and mingle with the guests or clients.

A roaming band won’t just stand on the stage – their specialty is getting in amongst the crowds and adapting to the day as it unfolds, keeping your guests or clients entertained encouraging them to join in singing and dancing along.

Hire a roaming band for a wedding.

If you are thinking of having a festival style wedding or hiring a tipi and having drinks outside in the sunshine what can be better than having a roaming band playing all your favourite songs wandering between your family and friends. If your wedding is inside they will move from table to table providing great entertainment. A roaming band will accept any challenge to play anywhere within reason of course. While roaming around they will often take requests from your guests.

Roaming bands include talented musicians in a range of different genres, from roaming Pop bands to roaming vintage and even jazz bands. – Whatever you’re looking for in a roaming band Music8 can help find the perfect one for you. Roaming bands consist of quality musicians and are very professional and you can rely on them to be there on time and put on an unforgettable show.

They will provide the WOW factor for your wedding day that is for sure.

Looking for a Roaming Band for Your Corporate Event?

A great event needs great music, and great music sometimes needs the freedom to roam around off the stage, explore the crowd, and get reactions. That’s why a roaming band are always a favourite when it comes to events, with their adaptability makes them a perfect fit for almost any event, regardless of scale or tone.

A roaming band generally consists of male/female singer acoustic guitars, sometimes a double bass or banjo, and a Cajon or snare drum. There are other options including a strolling brass band which would light up any corporate event. Instruments would include horn section instruments such as: trombones, trumpets, saxophones, sousaphone, and drums. They can play different genres like pop and funk, balkanised afro-beats, and jazz standards. A roaming brass band is also a great choice for a street party.

How about a Mexican Mariachi band? These are now a very popular choice for corporate events.

So if you are having a wedding or a birthday party or even a corporate function why not hire a roaming band and make it a special day and one your guests or clients will enjoy and be fully entertained.


Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Party Bands


You may be contemplating the chance to hire a band for a party or perhaps a special celebration like a wedding. An excellent party band is going to keep you and your guests entertained for the whole party and will be playing all your favourite songs to help keep you and your friends on the dance floor all night.

What is a party band?

A party band is a live band made up of talented musicians performing classic pop and chart songs and performing at weddings, birthday parties, and corporate events. A party band for hire as a 4 piece band will consist of a singer, guitarist, drums, and bass guitar. If you have space at your venue you can add extra musicians including keyboards or a brass section and possibly backing singers.

A live professional band will provide all their own sound equipment and lighting. Also, they will have the option for DJ service and some will provide bandeoke.

Hire a party band

When you're planning to hire a party band for your celebration there are a few essential things to consider. The following are only a couple of ideas to consider and will aid you in the process of discovering the perfect band to entertain you at your party.

Cost is probably the first thing you will consider but with bands starting from a 3-piece upwards there should be a band available for any budget. Also, check the location of the band, the closer they are to the venue will keep the travel costs to a minimum. Using an agency like Music8 will help in finding the best party band at the best possible price.

Make sure your band has full public liability and all their equipment is PAT tested.

How long will they perform for? Most bands usually play live for a total of 2 hours with a short break.

Additionally, you have to decide on the style of music you would like your party band to play which should match not just yourself but your family and friends. With so many different genres to choose from make sure you check out their repertoire of songs. An effective party band is going to have a vast repertoire to select from and will be sure to play the very best songs for everyone.

Ask if they will play one or two of your favourite songs, most bands will learn them for you especially if it is a first dance song for a wedding.

If you are hiring a band for a wedding see if they will allow you to use their microphone for speeches etc.

Take into account a professional band will need a supply of soft drinks and maybe food if it is a long day especially at a wedding.

Check your venue for a sound limiter as this will restrict the noise level and a band may not be able to perform. There would then be the option of acoustic bands that will be able to play unamplified.

These are just a few tips to look out for when you hire a party band.